Durban climate change commitment

Date of commitment: 
December 2011


The outcomes of the Conference included a decision by governments to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change as soon as possible, but not later than 2015. A management framework for the Green Climate Fund was adopted and pledges to contribute to start-up costs of the fund were made, and a focussed work programme on long-term finance was agreed which will contribute to the scaling up of climate change finance. Previous commitments from Cancun were reaffirmed.


No new numerical targets were set. Key decisions included:

  • The Technology Mechanism will become fully operational in 2012
  • Adaptive capacities of the poorest and most vulnerable countries are to be strengthened and the most vulnerable are to receive better protection against loss and damage caused by extreme weather events related to climate change


  • See Cancun Conference.
  • More progress was made towards operationalizing the Green Climate Fund and technology Mechanism, providing long-term finance for developing countries and towards adopting a universal climate change agreement at the Doha Climate Change conference in 2012.


  • See Cancun Conference.
  • Current information on financing needs for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in developing countries is limited.


Commitment follows up from the Cancun Conference.