Eight WTO Ministerial Conference commitment

Date of commitment: 
December 2011
Millennium Development Goal: 


Governments committed to work actively and pragmatically towards a successful multilateral conclusion of the Doha Development Agenda, including by advancing negotiations, where progress can be achieved, including focusing on the elements that provisional or definitive agreements based on consensus earlier than the full conclusion of the single undertaking.
Governments acknowledge the needs of LDCs and commit themselves to ensure that LDCs' interests are given due priority in the future work of the WTO. See below for concrete decisions.


The following decisions in favour of LDCs have been adopted:

  • Allowing Members to grant preferential access to services and services suppliers of LDCs to their market
  • Develop recommendation to further strengthen, streamline and operationalize 2002 guidelines on LDC accession
  • Extension of the LDC transition period under Article 66.1 of the TRIPS Agreement


Progress on the Doha Round can be found here.
Information not available on LDC decisions.


Information not available on LDC decisions.


Completing the Doha Round is not a new commitment, see the Doha Round.