G-20 Los Cabos Summit trade commitment

Date of commitment: 
June 2012


G-20 members stand by the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) mandate and reaffirm their commitment to pursue fresh, credible approaches to furthering negotiations, including the issues of concern for LDCs.
The standstill commitment on protectionist measures has been reaffirmed until the end of 2014, including the pledge to roll back any new protectionist measures.


  • Conclude Doha Round (not new target).
  • Reject protectionism and rectify any such measures by end of 2014.

Full list of G-20 countries policy commitments is available here [pdf].



  • Doha Round still to be concluded.
  • Protectionism is increasing and the commitment to roll back export restrictions has not been followed.


Not new commitments. See related commitments listed above. The commitment to resist protectionism has been extended until 2014.

Read the full text of the Summit Declaration.