G-20 Toronto Summit commitment - market access

Date of commitment: 
June 2010
Millennium Development Goal: 


Renewed for a further three years, until the end of 2013, the commitment to refrain from and rectify protectionist measures. Reiterated commitment to conclude the Doha Round as soon as possible and committed to maintain momentum for Aid for Trade.


  • Refrain and rectify protectionist measures until end of 2013.
  • Conclude Doha Round (not new target)
  • Maintain Aid for Trade (not new target).


  • New export restrictions by G-20 countries are not slowing down; 108 new measures was introduced between May and mid-October 2011.
  • Doha Round negotiations are at an impasse; find out more here.
  • See Aid for Trade Initiative



  • Protectionism is increasing and the commitment to roll back export restrictions has not been followed.
  • Doha Round still to be concluded.
  • See Aid for Trade Initiative.


The G-20 Washington Summit commitment on protectionism was extended until end of 2013. Other commitments are not new.

Download the Summit Declaration here [pdf]
More information about the Doha Round on the WTO website.