Global Partnership for Education

Date of commitment: 
November 2002
Millennium Development Goal: 


Formerly named Education for All - Fast Track Initiative, the Global Partnership for Education is comprised of close to 60 developing countries, and more than 30 bilateral, regional, and international agencies, development banks, the private sector, teachers, local and global civil society groups, devoted to getting all children everywhere into school for a quality education.


Between 2011-2014, the target is to mobilize US$2.5 billion in contributions to the GPE Fund and to increase financing for basic education from bilateral, private sector, civil society and multilateral organizations by US$ 5.5 billion to help achieve a US$8 billion unmet funding needs for the Global Partnership for Education in developing country partners.


  • The Global Partnership for Education has provided US$2.2 billion in financial aid between 2004 and 2010.
  • At the 2011 pledging conference donors pledged more than $1.5bn for 2011-2014, and made a commitment to increase bilateral education aid and improve its effectiveness over the next three years.
  • As of May 2013, the pledged sum stands at approximately $ 1.7 bn. Fifteen donor partners pledged to commit new resources to the Global Partnership for Education Fund. The total received during 2012 for all funds was US$ 488.5 million which included advances on 2013 scheduled payments of pledges from a number of donors in addition to some supplemental contributions.


  • While developing country partners made the strongest commitments to increase financing, tracking this commitment has not been possible.
  • Donors need to commit approximately an additional $800 million to meet the target of $2.5 billion.


It is not clear how these commitments relate to other commitments to education.

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