Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health - Kenya 2010 and 2012 commitments

Date of commitment: 
September 2010
Millennium Development Goal: 


In 2010 Kenya recruited and deployed an additional 20,000 primary care health workers; established and operationalized 210 primary health facility centres of excellence to provide maternal and child health services to an additional 1.5 million women and 1.5 million children; and expanded community health care, and decentralized resources.
At the 2012 London Family Planning Summit, Kenya enshrined the individual’s rights to quality reproductive health care, including family planning information, services and supplies, in the Constitution. The government’s budgetary allocation to family planning has grown from US $2.5 million in 2005/2006 to US $6.6 million in 2012/2013. The government is working closely with development partners to secure increased finance for family planning commodities and services. As part of the efforts to address family planning needs for the poor and hard-to-reach segments of the population, the government will scale up its Voucher System which provides reproductive health services, including family planning, in five rural and urban districts in Kenya. The government has already established over 70 Youth Empowerment Centres. The target is to have one in each constituency to provide a one-stop-shop for youth friendly information, including family planning. The target is to increase the contraceptive prevalence rate from 46% to 56% by 2015.


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