Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health - Kyrgyzstan 2011 commitments

Date of commitment: 
September 2010
Millennium Development Goal: 


In 2011 the Government of Kyrgyzstan committed to ensure that 100% of the population of reproductive age would have choice and access to modern contraception with at least 3 modern methods of family planning ; 100% free medical care for pregnant women and under-fives; at least 80% of births would take place at a health facilities and 90% of health facilities would have access to centralized water supply system. Kyrgyzstan also pledged that 95% of health facilities with antenatal services would provide both HIV testing PMTCT; 35% family medicine centers would provide the standard package of youth-friendly health services; and that70% of children would receive evidence-based services within integrated management of childhood illness.


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It is not clear how these commitments relate to other commitments to child and maternal health.