Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health - Malawi 2010 and 2012 commitments

Date of commitment: 
September 2010
Millennium Development Goal: 


In 2010 Malawi committed to strengthen human resources for health, including accelerating training and recruitment of health professionals to fill all available positions in the health sector; to expand infrastructures for maternal, newborn and child health; to increase basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care coverage to reach World Health Organization standards; and to provide free care through partnerships with private institutions.
At the 2012London Family Planning Summit With the goal of “no parenthood before adulthood,” Malawi committed to raising the country’s contraceptive prevalence rate to 60% by 2020 with a focused increase in those aged 15 to 24. Malawi will create a family planning budget line in the main drug budget by 2013/2014 and will raise the age of marriage to 18 by 2014. In addition, Malawi will develop a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health program to meet the needs of its young people and will work to strengthen effective policy leadership for family planning. It will also demonstrate accountability in the utilization of available resources and improve financial allocation for health systems supporting family planning. Malawi will increase coverage of services through the expansion of public/private partnerships, increase community access to family planning methods and strengthen forecasting and data management for effective supply chain operation.


No numerical targets were set.


Information not available.


No numerical targets were set, thus it is difficult to measure a gap.


It is not clear how these commitments relate to other commitments to child and maternal health.