Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health - Uganda 2011 and 2012 commitments

Date of commitment: 
September 2010
Millennium Development Goal: 


In 2011 Uganda committed to ensure that comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) services in hospitals increase from 70% to 100% and in health centers from 17% to 50%; to ensure that basic EmONC services are available in all health centers; and to ensure that skilled providers would be available in hard to reach/hard to serve areas. Uganda also committed to reduce the unmet need for family planning from 40% to 20%; increase focused Antenatal Care from 42% to 75%, with special emphasis on Prevention of Mother- to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) and treatment of HIV; and ensure that at least 80% of under 5 children with diarrhea, pneumonia or malaria have access to treatment; to access to oral rehydration salts and Zinc within 24 hours, to improve immunization coverage to 85%, and to introduce pneumococcal and human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines.
At the 2012 London Family Planning Summit Uganda committed to universal access to family planning and to reduce unmet need for family planning from 40% to 10% in 2022. It committed to increase the annual government allocation for family planning supplies from US $3.3 million to US $5 million for the next five years and improve accountability for procurement and distribution. It also committed to develop and implement a campaign for integration of family planning into other services, including partnerships with the private sector, by supporting the alternative distribution channel for the private sector and scaling up of innovative approaches, such as the community-based distribution, outreaches, social marketing, social franchising and youth friendly service provision. Uganda pledged to strengthen institutional capacity of the public and community-based service delivery points to increase choice and quality of care at all levels (through staff recruitment, training, motivation and equipment).


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