The Integrated Implementation Framework: achieving the MDGs through mutual accountability

What is the Integrated Implementation Framework?

The Integrated Implementation Framework, or IIF for short, records and monitors financial as well as policy commitments made in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by UN Member States and other international stakeholders. 

Tracking high-level commitments

In the last decade, the international community has agreed on development priorities and strategies to pursue the MDGs. Each of the MDGs at one time or another has been the focus of financial and policy commitments during:

  • General Assembly resolutions
  • G8 summits
  • G20 summits
  • Special initiatives
  • High-level task forces

Addressing the commitment/progress gap

As global summits and high-level events have taken place year after year, there has been a widespread lack of clarity on the amounts and policies committed by donors and recipient countries alike, and especially on how much of such commitments actually are delivered. In many cases, goodwill fails to translate into action as pledges do not turn into disbursements and policy commitments are not reflected in national strategies.

Strengthening accountability and targeting future interventions

The Integrated Implementation Framework (IIF) will contribute to addressing this situation by providing a tool that pools together all existing information on the international community’s financial and policy commitments to achieving the MDGs. It will serve not only to strengthen accountability, but also to help Member States target their future interventions.

Collecting information and fostering dialogue

The IIF collects official commitments made by Member States, UN agencies and other multilateral organisations, non-governmental organizations, civil society and other international actors in official fora. It allows stakeholders to update their commitments, and to provide details of their implementation. The IIF also provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to comment on the actual implementation of the commitments.