Istanbul Plan of Action Commitment - New Technologies

Date of commitment: 
May 2011


One of the targets is to significantly increase access to telecommunication services and strive to provide 100 per cent access to the Internet in LDCs by 2020.
Actions by the development partners include the provision of concessional start-up finance for LDC firms which invest in new technologies, and the provision of adequate financial and technical assistance and support to LDCs to access appropriate, affordable and sustainable technologies needed for the implementation of national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) and nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs).
Joint actions include undertaking by 2013 a joint gap and capacity analysis with the aim of establishing a Technology Bank and Science, Technology and Information supporting mechanism dedicated to LDCs.


100% access to the Internet by 2020.


6.3% of the population in LDCs were Internet users in 2014.


93.7% of the population in LDCs lack Internet access.
Lack of quantifiable and concrete commitments.


See also other relevant commitments on Internet access listed above, the MDG indicators for access to new technologies, the Broadband Commission.