Date of commitment: 
September 2000


Target 8.B:
Address the special needs of the least developed countries. Includes more generous ODA for countries committed to poverty reduction.


  • 8.1. Net ODA, total and to the least developed countries, as % of OECD/DAC donors's GNI
  • 8.2. Proportion of total bilateral, sector allocable ODA of OECD/DAC donors to basic social services
  • 8.3. Proportion of bilateral ODA of OECD/DAC donors that is untied
  • 8.4. ODA received in landlocked developing countries as a proportion of their GNI
  • 8.5. ODA received in small island developing States as a proportion of their GNI


No numerical targets were set.


  • Indicator 8.1: ODA from DAC countries rose from 0.22% of their GNI in 2000 to 0.29 % in 2014. DAC ODA to LDCs rose from 0.06 % of donor GNI in 2000 to 0.10 % in 2013.
  • Indicator 8.2: Aid to basic social services in 2013 was equivalent to 14.5 % of bilateral sector allocable aid.
  • Indicator 8.3: In 2014, 83 % of bilateral DAC aid was untied, up from 80.4% in 2000.
  • Indicator 8.4: ODA flows to LLDCs in 2013 were 3.62 % of their GNI, down from 6.4% in 2000.
  • Indicator 8.5: ODA flows to SIDS rose from 1.7% of their GNI in 2000 to 3 % in 2013.


No numerical target was set, thus it is difficult to measure a gap.


Indicator 8.1: UN Target for ODA and UN Target for ODA to LDCs set numerical targets. Indicator 8.3: The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness includes an indicator for untying aid.

More information about the Millennium Declaration.

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