Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

Date of commitment: 
June 2004
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Millennium Development Goal: 


The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the availability and quality of ICT data and indicators, particularly in developing countries. The Partnership helps measure the information society by defining a core list of ICT indicators and methodologies to collect these indicators; helping developing countries collect ICT statistics, particularly through capacity-building and hands-on training for national statistical offices; collecting and disseminating information society statistics.


One of the key achievements of the Partnership has been the identification of a core list of indicators. This list of 50 indicators covers basic infrastructure and access indicators as well as ICTs in households, enterprises, and education, but no specific numerical targets for the indicators were set. Read more


No list of core indicators has been identified.


No numerical targets were set, thus it is difficult to measure a gap.
Data availability and comparability still to be improved.


The Partnership's work is closely related to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)