Pneumococcal Advance Market Commitments (AMC)

Date of commitment: 
February 2007


AMC is a new approach, involving public health funding and pharmaceutical companies, designed to stimulate the development and manufacture of vaccines for developing countries.


Raise $1.5 billion to create incentives to develop vaccines to treat the pneumococcal disease.


From 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014, US $624 million was disbursed to UNICEF for the purchase of pneumococcal vaccines. Of this amount, US $259 million was from the AMC funds to pay for the AMC top-up portion of the vaccine purchase.


Short term supply availability continues to be a key challenge, given the unprecedented country demand. However, even taking this challenge into account, the latest Strategic Demand Forecast estimates that a total of 57 countries will have introduced by 2015, exceeding the original target of 45.


The AMC is one of the mechanisms of the GAVI Alliance.