Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments to sustainable development

Date of commitment: 
June 2012


Rio+20 is a conference about implementation, and an important part of that is making and delivering commitments. All participants at Rio+20 were therefore encouraged to make voluntary commitments to deliver concrete results for sustainable development. Voluntary commitments should cover at least one of following 23 sustainable development areas: Water; Mountains; Gender Equality; Sustainable Cities; Poverty Eradication; Sustainable Transport; Sustainability Management; Green Jobs and Social Inclusion; Natural Disasters and Preparedness; Sustainable Consumption and Production; Biodiversity, Forests and other Ecosystems; Education; Climate Change; Oceans and Seas; Sustainable Energy; Chemicals and Waste; SD Strategies and Policies; Technology and Innovation; SD economics, finance and trade; Land Degradation and Desertification; Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture; Measuring SD progress (through indicators); Public awareness and communications on SD.


712 voluntary commitments were made by member states, UN entities and other inter-governmental organizations, private sector and civil society. See full list of commitments here.


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All voluntary commitments should be specific, measurable, funded, and new (or extension of an existing commitment). See individual commitments.

More information about the Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments.