SMS for life

Date of commitment: 
September 2009


SMS for Life is a public-private project aimed at reducing or eliminating the incidence of stock-outs and improving access to essential anti-malaria medicine at remote health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa using short message services (SMS), Internet and mapping technologies.


No numerical targets were set.


By 2012, SMS for Life had been rolled out across Tanzania, with over 5000 facilities trained and reporting on a weekly basis. Tracking of tuberculosis and leprosy medicines had also been added. In Ghana, following a successful pilot in six districts, sponsored by the Swiss TPH Institute, SMS for Life was working with the Ghana Health Service on planning a full country scale-up. In Kenya, SMS for Life was working with the NMCP on a plan for a full country scale-up. In Cameroon, with support from NORAD, SMS for Life was in the planning phase for a full country scale-up of malaria medicine tracking in addition to collecting patient surveillance data on the use of RDTs.


No numerical targets were set, thus it is difficult to measure a gap.