UN Target for ODA to LDCs (IPoA)

Date of commitment: 
May 2011
Millennium Development Goal: 


Ensure fulfillment of all ODA commitments to LDCs and align ODA with national plans and priorities and national systems and procedures.
(i) Donor countries providing more than 0.20 per cent of their GNP as ODA to LDCs: continue to do so and maximize their efforts to further increase ODA to LDCs;
(ii) Other donor countries which have met the 0.15 per cent target: undertake to reach 0.20 per cent expeditiously;
(iii) All other donor countries which have committed themselves to the 0.15 per cent target: reaffirm their commitment and undertake either to achieve the target by 2015 or to make their best efforts to reach the target;
(iv) During the period of the Programme of Action, the other donor countries: exercise individual efforts to increase ODA to LDCs;
(v) Donor countries should review their ODA commitments in 2015 and consider further enhancing the resources for LDCs.


0.15-0.20% of donor GNI provided as aid to LDCs, equivalent to $ 67 billion to $89 billion (in 2014 dollars).


0.10 % of GNI in 2013, equivalent to $44.5 billion (in 2014 dollars).


Between 0.05 % and 0.10% of DAC GNI, equivalent to $22 billion to $45 billion (in 2014 dollars).


Not new commitments; see Brussels Programme of Action for the LDCs for 2001-2010. The deadline was adjusted to 2015.

The Istanbul Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2011-2020 is available here [pdf]
Data source: 
MDG Gap Task Force, based on OECD DAC data