UN target for ODA - Switzerland

Date of commitment: 
October 1970
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Each economically advanced country will progressively increase its official development assistance to the developing countries and will exert its best efforts to reach a minimum net amount of 0.7% of its gross national product at market prices. As noted by the OECD, the Swiss Parliament confirmed in February 2011 Switzerland’s commitment to reaching an ODA to GNI ratio of 0.5% by 2015, and the country plans to reach this target by increasing its aid budget at an average of 9% per year.


0.7% of donor GNI


0.49% of donor GNI in 2014


0.21% of donor GNI


At subsequent UN and other international conferences and summits many developed countries reaffirmed the target and extended the deadline to 2015.

Data source: 
MDG Gap Task Force, based on OECD DAC data