World Summit on Food Security commitment

Date of commitment: 
November 2009


Heads of States and Governments agreed to undertake all necessary actions required at national, regional and global levels and by all States and Governments to halt immediately the increase in – and to significantly reduce – the number of people suffering from hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. Commitments to meet by 2015 the targets of MDG1 and the World Food Summits were reaffirmed and commitment was made to take action towards sustainably eradicating hunger at the earliest possible date.


  • Fully realize the targets to reduce respectively the proportion and the number of people who suffer from hunger and malnutrition by half by 2015
  • Advance the Global Partnership for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition and promote better coordination at global, regional and national levels of global food issues in partnership with relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector
  • Reverse the decline in domestic and international funding for agriculture and food security and promote new investment in the sector
  • Proactively face the challenges of climate change to food security


See related commitment listed above for reducing hunger. As no other concrete numerical commitments were set, it is difficult to measure progress.


As above.


Target to reduce hunger is not new, see targets of MDG 1 and related commitments listed above.