Zero Hunger Challenge

Date of commitment: 
June 2012
Millennium Development Goal: 


The Secretary-General of the UN launched the Zero Hunger Challenge, calling on governments, business, farmers, scientists, civil society and consumers to to work for a future where every individual has adequate nutrition and where all food systems are resilient, to put an end to hunger and to ensure that every man, woman and child enjoy their Right to Adequate Food.


The Zero Hunger Challenge has five objectives: 

  1. 100% access to adequate food all year round.
  2. Zero stunted children under 2 years, no more malnutrition in pregnancy and early childhood.
  3. All food systems are sustainable.
  4. 100% growth in smallholder productivity and income, particularly for women.
  5. Zero loss or waste of food, including responsible consumption.  


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It is not clear how this relates to other food security and ODA commitments.